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About us

Known as the “Portal of Live Music” or “Oasis of Live Music at Burning Man," Reverbia is a live music camp that shares over 130 hours of programming during the week of Burning Man on 4.5 different stages:

  • Main Stage

  • Embassy Shade Stage

  • Jam & Tea House Acoustic Space

  • Radiance Dome Chill Space


Our schedule offering includes:

  • Yoga and meditations to live Music

  • Dance workshops

  • Singer-songwriter showcases

  • Live music concerts

Check out our Programming for more details, and various Special Programs.

Reverbia is also home to several interactive art installations including:

  • The Radiance Dome: A sound and light interactive installation dome that can be seen far across the playa, drawing Burners like moths to a light

  • The Ninth Node: A Sound Interactive Dome, where everyone is a sound producer

  • The Rubens Tubes: Sound Interactive Dancing Fire Art out of metal heart and tubes

  • The Art Wall: An Interactive Art Mural, painted during our Main Stage performances.


Reverbia practices the 10 Principles of Burning Man and is a camp of diversity across the spectra of age, culture, race, gender, and more. Respect is our underlying philosophy, and we seek individuals who are kindred spirits in teamwork, unity, balance, green thinking, and the enjoyment of live music. We're also huge fans of everyone who can keep a positive mental attitude when dust is found in places never thought possible!

2022 Team Leads (in no particular order)
Successful Theme Camps at Burning Man require a massive amount of organization... Reverbia would not be possible without the tireless efforts of our extensive Leadership Team. In form with The Burning Man 10 Principles, our Leadership team is Volunteer based, gifting their time from Spring through September in order to bring the magic of Reverbia to life, year after year. Our Leadership Mantra is to "Lead by Example" as we hold ourselves in the highest accountability to "Practice what we Teach". Reverbia Leadership Character expectations are: Patience in a Harsh Environment, Mentoring, Tolerance, Respect, Kindness, and an ability to strangely laugh during adversity. Support your Camp Leadership at Reverbia with the same character... along with hugs and encouraging words, which are always welcomed. It takes quality Leadership to raise a quality Community!!!

Doug Abrahams

Camp Director & Programming

"Never say no until absolutely not."


Mike "Kobalt" Tribes

DPW Core Lead

Saving all of our energy for Reverbia.

Monk (2).jpg

Daniel "Monk" Fallon

Infrastructure - BatWing, Transportation Lead

Driving trucks, building structures & serving mom's fudge.


Colin Fitzgerald

DPW - Master Distro

"I'll be there in a second."


Meowdeline "Magic" Dodge

Camp Counselor


Athena Rosette

Placement Lead, Greeter

Greeting all equal and the same.

Carey 2.jpg

Carey Levin

Volunteer Coordinator

Nathan 4.jpg

Nathan Harvey

Production - Sound Lead

Booking Scout

Henni Terness.png

Henni Terness

Admin Core Lead

Mistress of spreadsheets, admin & web stuff.

Bob Zook.png

Bob "Cosmo" Zook

Infrastructure Core Lead

Creating sustainable ideas and jokes for harsh environments.


Yona Appletree

Infrastructure - Radiance Dome

"Okay, WE NEED EVERYONE to lift the dome in 5 minutes."


JP Robinson

Production & Lighting Lead

To illuminate or not to illuminate?


Dan "Just Dan"

Admin Email Correspondence


Seth "Shmu" Felix

Program Management Lead & Booking Scout

Knocking out the big shows.


Wilder Heartwood

Build Week Coordinator


Karen Schneiders

Kitchen Manager

Prep Week Coordinator

Wendy Deakins.png

Wendy Deakins

Registration, Exit Team Coordinator 

Wrangler of camp members and director.


Erik Shapiro

Head Chef

Metal head brings culinary art to unite a community!


Seva Batkin

DPW-OSHT, Power Co-Lead

15 days since the last injury.


Clif Cox

Admin - Communications

Finder of "the little light that isn't twinkling."


Vanessa Green

Decor & Design Lead


Sarah "The Show" Howard


Teaching us those principles.

Lucy 2.jpg

Lucy Heartwood

Design/Decor Lead

Dance Production Lead

Randy 2.jpg

Randy King

Admin Co-Lead & Web Designer

Former Leads - Available for Consultation:

Ali (4).jpg

Ali M Squared

Former Camp Production

Once the right arms & legs of Reverbia.

Mowgli (2).jpg

Michael Mowgli

Booking, Music Scout, Program & Sound

Intrepid traveller.

Berm McCandless.png

Berm McCandless

Former Infrastructure Lead

Hammer in one hand. Beer in the other.


Ashley Gartshore

Former Build & Operations Manager

"Work hard, then play hard!"

Past Years Team Leads

2019 Team Leads