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Bringing live music to Burning Man since 2010

WHo Are we?

Known as the “Portal of Live Music” or “Oasis of Live Music at Burning Man," Reverbia is a live music camp that offers 18 hours of daily programming during Burning Man.


Latest Reverbia News

Hello Reverbians!

We hope that your Spring has been active and flourishing! Our leadership has begun to prepare our table for Curiouser and Curiouser and we are hoping you may be able to join us for another Summer of extraordinary Burning Man Participation. Our prolonged silence has not been without meeting and planning...and thus, we have performed the necessary tasks of application, organization, and preparation. And now we further communicate our goals to you, our community, with a few dates of importance.

Reverbia Registration will begin in Late May. Ticket availability, Reverbia Specialized Needs, and other timely information can be found here... Read More in the Latest Reverbia Email...

If you have not camped with us before please click on the Apply to camp with Reverbia link below. Also, if you haven't joined our Facebook group, please do so to keep up to date on all things Reverbia including upcoming important dates.

Doug of Reverbia and the 2024 Leadership Team

Want to join us?

If you have not camped with Reverbia before please apply to camp with us by clicking below:

Burning Man Ticket Information:


"Dream like you have never dreamt before.

And as you dream - Become,

knowing that you are unstoppable."

Doug Abrahams

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