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Bringing live music to Burning Man since 2010

WHo Are we?

Known as the “Portal of Live Music” or “Oasis of Live Music at Burning Man," Reverbia is a live music camp that offers 18 hours of daily programming during Burning Man.


Latest Reverbia News

Hello Reverbians!

Reverbia Has Been Placed!!! 

We are going back to our old stomping grounds at 8:15 and Esplanade. Reverbia was on that side of the City from 2010-2014 and then when 3:00 began to build a live music scene...Reverbia was invited to become one of their premier live music camps thus tempting our move with many kind words and support. 3:00 was wonderful, but our Burning Man Placement has a new policy where a camp cannot return to the same area of the City, 3 years in a row. And so, we applied for 8:00 and a return to our Placement roots. We will have much more foot traffic and it will be a louder section of the City, but the location is a great Hub placement...and to protect our acoustic music scene, we did ask for no DJ neighbors (3:00 protected our live music so well).:... Read More in the Latest Reverbia Email...

Registration is Open

And so we begin our registration for Reverbia Camp at Burning Man 2024, CURIOSER AND CURIOSER! Thank you for your desire to be a part of Reverbia. Here are the basics on registration, cost share fees and other important info for The Burn:... Reverbia Registration Info...

If you have not camped with us before please click on the Apply to camp with Reverbia link below. Also, if you haven't joined our Facebook group, please do so to keep up to date on all things Reverbia including upcoming important dates.

Doug of Reverbia and the 2024 Leadership Team

Want to join us?

If you have not camped with Reverbia before please apply to camp with us by clicking below:

Burning Man Ticket Information:


"Dream like you have never dreamt before.

And as you dream - Become,

knowing that you are unstoppable."

Doug Abrahams

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