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Known as the “Portal of Live Music” or “Oasis of Live Music at Burning Man," Reverbia is a live music camp that offers 18 hours of daily programming during Burning Man.


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Thanks to everybody who answered the online poll last month about attending the burn. Wanted to share the statistics with you, even though BRC subsequently got cancelled. We got 132 responses and here's how it broke down:

32% were YES, totally going

40% were YES want to, but depends on certain factors

14% were NO due to personal reasons other than covid safety

14% were NO due to covid safety

It was exciting there for a minute to think we might have a BRC this year! But also a bit scary that it might've been too soon.

Doug and most of our core leads are pretty keen to have some kind of Reverbia happening... and judging from the poll, so are a lot of you! We will keep everyone in the loop as time goes forward and plans (if any) solidify. If you have suggestions, let's hear 'em!


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If you are interested in camping with Reverbia, visit our Registration page to find out how to apply.

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