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Bringing live music to Burning Man since 2010

WHo Are we?

Known as the “Portal of Live Music” or “Oasis of Live Music at Burning Man," Reverbia is a live music camp that offers 18 hours of daily programming during Burning Man.


Latest Reverbia News

Hello Reverbians!

What a challenging and amazing year 2023 Animalia brought to the annals of our camp history!

The northern tip of a hurricane pounded the Playa with flood waters, delaying our Build Team by 2.5 days...yet when Wendy and I got to Playa on Friday Morning...we were amazed to see all but the Embassy and unskinned quonsets awaiting their finish.  


Our Monday Camp meeting quickly set the gauge for what kind of community we would have in the tougher days enthusiasm and participation was showing strong signs early in our over 50% New Reverbian population.  And indeed the weather would not make life easy for Reverbia, nor the Burn.  

Due to early moisture, the air during Build Week was dust free...and the great temperatures…made progress from the Build to Early Burn Week.  Then on Tuesday...a huge dust storm struck the camp and left 1' sand dunes on our Shade Stage carpets...  Read More in the Latest Reverbia Email...

If you have not camped with us before please click on the Apply to camp with Reverbia link below. Also, if you haven't joined our Facebook group, please do so to keep up to date on all things Reverbia including upcoming important dates.

Doug of Reverbia and the 2023 Leadership Team

Want to join us?

If you have not camped with Reverbia before please apply to camp with us by clicking below:

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"Dream like you have never dreamt before.

And as you dream - Become,

knowing that you are unstoppable."

Doug Abrahams

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