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  • When does the shift plan release to sign up for my camp contributions?
    Typically they release 2 weeks before the burn, so mid August. Most years, we are hoping to send out volunteer sheets late July. However, we cannot guarantee a precise date, because there are many factors at play and things change up to the last minute. To ensure we optimize the amount of points/time everyone needs to contribute, a later launch is in your interest too. Keep an eye on your inbox and our facebook group.
  • When do I need to sign up for shifts?
    See above for when the sheet launches. When it does, we suggest you get to it swiftly, for a larger choice of shifts.
  • What if I missed it before arrival on playa?
    If you miss signing up before the cut-off date (where we print hard copies to take to playa, typically on Wednesday/Thursday before gates open), fill in your names in the blank spots on the shift board in camp. Consult the printouts hanging on the board to ensure you sign up for enough points or consults your volunteer coordinators on site to see what is still needed.
  • I haven't gotten my invoice yet?
    Invoices will be deployed within a month of registration (unless you're wait listed). Scan your inbox and spam folders for an invoice email from Doug Abrahams/PayPal. Reach out to if you can't locate it.
  • What else do I need to know?
    We roll out very detailed emails the closer we get to the burn (usually starting in August)... e.g.: Critical Arrival Instructions and Information, All Things LNT, Aculturalization, What You Need to Bring for Your RV, and more. Please also dive into this website to consult various valuable resource links.
  • I registered but can't make it after all. Can I get my money back?
    We get it, life happens. If you have to withdraw your registration, we will refund all but $30 as long as you cancel by August 10.
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