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Heeeellllloooo Reverbians!

My name is Sarah Howard and I am the Acculturation lead for Reverbia’s 10th anniversary in 2019. As some of you may know, Burning Man is running a huge acculturation initiative to maintain the Burning Man culture with scale and address our top concerns around Burning Man’s shifting culture. As part of that initiative, they asked each camp to have a representative for the 10 Principles (or values) of Burning Man to help emphasize the importance of participation.

Burning Man describes culture as “our collective lived experience. It’s not something you are, but rather something you do.” Values (or principles) help guide us in our decisions and ultimately our actions which create our culture. Marian Goodell explains in her TedTalk that “Burning Man helps people live more creative and collective lives. It changes people, it causes a cultural shift in the way we communicate and relate with each other.” Transformation is possible within Burning Man’s culture due to the community’s commitment to living out the 10 Principles.

This blog is designed to provide more information about each principle and their corresponding behaviors, including helpful resources. I will also weave in Reverbia specific values. I encourage anyone to chime in if they have something they would like to add. This will be especially helpful for our virgins and I hope to bring value to our vets as well. Please comment on the posts with anything to add and/or questions or concerns!

For now, I will leave you with a video/ poem- Move Slow and Cherish.

And for those of you that like homework, feel free to take this (quick!) free personal values assessment. The language is dated/ limited but it is a great exercise to better understand why you behave the way you do and help you to stay in integrity with yourself. Simply choose the words that resonate most.

Take good care,

Sarah Howard

AKA “The Show”

AKA “Sarah-dipity”

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