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We are Burners. We travel every year to a place on earth where all of us as humans are members of one big family. Where a union of people united in giving a gift, and in accepting one another as equals, gives birth to a utopia. We build a city in one of the harshest places on earth, struggle to survive, and enjoy every second of it — because that shared struggle gives birth to a real community where we not only survive, we thrive. The Black Rock Desert is a sacred place where a social experiment takes place. And this experiment teaches us that there is no strong wind that can bend the will and fortitude of a united people. That there is no dust storm that makes us lose sight of our values.


Now that mother nature has yet again challenged us, Virtual Multiverse was born. Multiverse is a full-scale, virtual interactive Black Rock City including the deep playa. Theme camps are providing virtual communities and sound stages and will broadcast live events, workshops, and live music. Artists are translating their incredible art into 3D form to be experienced on the playa. Burners will appear as 3D avatars communicating via live voice, in one unified experience, whether on a mobile device or VR headset. 

More information about Virtual Black Rock City and it's many Universes can be found here.

Of the many Universes, Reverbia will be participating in Multiverse. Visit the Multiverse webpage here and register to become part of Virtual Multiverse and Reverbia for 2020.

Reverbia will be offering a diverse array of daily musical programming in Virtual Black Rock City.

Virtual Reverbia will be located at 3:45 and Esplanade  just like last year on Playa. We will be offering daily programming beginning Sun Aug 30th through Sun Sep 6th on 3 stages, the Main Stage, Embassy and Radiance Dome. Each stage will be replicated in Virtual Multiverse providing live streaming of:

  • Calm Inside (Breathe, Stretch, Meditate)

  • Live Music Yoga and Meditations in the Morning

  • Live Music Dance Workshops

  • Song, Dust, Sing (Black Rock City’s popular singer/songwriter showcase and open mic)

  • Concert in the Shade Series

  • Reverbia Live Nights (featuring regional, national, and international festival bands)

  • After Hours Radiance Dome with Chill Music


Reverbia programming schedule for 2020 Virtual Multiverse will be available soon.




We can say some stuff here about the main stage




Get grounded with morning yoga and acoustic guitar.




We can say some stuff here about the Radiance Dome



Grab your Oculus Headset and venture on over to the Multiverse to check out our live streamed events. 

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