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Reverbia offers a diverse array of daily musical programming, including:

  • Calm Inside (Breathe, Stretch, Meditate)

  • Live Music Yoga and Meditations in the Morning

  • Live Music Dance Workshops

  • Song, Dust, Sing (Black Rock City’s popular singer/songwriter showcase and open mic)

  • Concert in the Shade Series

  • Reverbia Live Nights (featuring regional, national, and international festival bands)

  • After Hours Jam and Tea House

  • After Hours Radiance Dome with Chill Music

in 2019, Reverbia will also feature the following Special Programs:

  • Dance of the 7 Chakras: A dance production interpreting each Chakra in the color spectrum

  • Tribute to Lost Musicians; Our All Star Artist’s Tribute to Musicians who lost their lives from Burn 2018 to 2019

  • The Beatles 50th Anniversary of the White Album:  ALL Star artists perform the songs from this legendary album project

  • Classical Music at Sunset: The Black Rock Philharmonic join us for a magnificent concert as he sun falls across the Playa

  • Metamorphosis: A new dance production about our ongoing changes as a conscious species

  • Battle of the Loopers: Live Loopers gather for a Friday night Fight

  • Puppet Home Children’s Theater: Reverbia offers a Puppet show with live music for children

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