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Please read the following introduction to Reverbia, then go back to your application form.

Camp Intro:


Reverbia is an All Live Music camp, usually located on The Esplanade. In past years, we scheduled over 130 hours of Live Music Programming. Also known as The Portal of Live Music at Burning Man, we have a very strong Community of age and cultural diversity, respect, unity, and volunteer service. Reverbia is a camp of No Drama, no illegal drugs, responsible partying, quiet hours in our tenting/camping area (we like people to be able to rest), and no amplified music (instruments welcome).


We expect people to take ownership of our camp, contributing a minimum of 12-15 points of service per the week of Burning Man (each point roughly equals one hour of contribution). We are serious about our camp volunteer service and expect people to be sober and not come to their shift wiped out, but alert and energetically present. We have shifts in various areas to suit your skills and preferences - from kitchens shifts, and LNT, to various roles around our live music programming, and more.


We strongly enforce all 10 Principles of Burning Man Camp and especially care about sustainability, LNT (Leaving No Trace), and becoming as environmental a camp as possible at Burning Man. We practice conservation and attempt to reduce our waste via dry washing of dishes, re-usage and Recycling/Composting. Reverbia strives each year for a Green Rating at Burning Man.

In past years our camp share costs per camper was between $320-360. RV, Yurt, Van/car, XL tenting, etc. cost more, depending on size and power needs. Updated camp cost will be published when registration goes live (usually around May). This price includes:


  • Basic camping

  • Brunch & Dinner*

  • Drinking water

  • Showers and washing station

  • Power

  • Public shade structures and chill spaces

  • Private shade lounge

  • 7 major shade structures for tenting (first come first serve)

  • Several interactive art installations

  • Kindred spirits, mentoring, patient leadership

  • And more...


*Food is served from a full service kitchen and one of the Best Chefs on Playa. Chef Erik and Team produce a brunch and dinner buffet with several menu options and leftovers/snacks are available throughout the day and for late night munchies. As much as possible, they will try to cater to typical special diet needs in their menu choices, including: Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and meat options. No Reverbian ever goes hungry.


Our day programming is very chill in the shade on our Shade Stage and the nights come to life on our Reverbia Nights Live Main Stage where we can draw 2500-5000 people with some of our shows. We also offer late night programming in our Radiance Dome (LED interactive chill music dome, 1am-5am) and The Jam and Tea House (11pm-3am).


We offer programs like Live Music Yoga in the Morning, Dancing Before Noon workshops, our version of Open Mic (very popular), our Concert in the Shade Series, A Tribute to Lost Musicians (for those we lost this past year), Dance Productions of "Dance of the 7 Chakras" and "Metamorphoses", Classical Music at Sunset, Reverbia Live Nights, The late night Led Interactive Radiance Dome (Chill live looping), The after hours Acoustic Jam and Teahouse (our underground tea scene). Some years also feature The Ninth Node (Sound Interactive dome), and Rubens Fire Tubes (an interactive, dancing-fire art installation), and a children's live music/puppetry show on A street.


Reverbia has a very small community feel, even though we are a camp of over 300 people. We know that during the course of our week, you will meet several people at Reverbia that you will connect with for years to come.  


Thanks for your interest in Reverbia.

Doug of Reverbia

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